Happy New iPad Launch Day! Just make sure you don’t call it “iPad 3″… Apple reps everywhere are correcting store employees and the general public whenever they hear their new cash cow called by the “improper” name.

I love Apple’s business plan… slightly revamp the current product, give it a pretentious new name, make tech junkies and coffee shop hipsters believe that if they don’t upgrade they won’t be as cutting edge as they want to be, then profit. It’s an amazing process to watch, really… and people eat it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPad is cool- I just don’t think I need to buy a new one every year when the majority of what I do with it is check Facebook and play Angry Birds. Admit it- that’s all you’re using it for, too!

I’m off to stand in line for a pub crawl, since everyone else is standing in line for iPads…



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