You see, what he’s really saying is “I’m a cheap ass, and even though I might only save a buck or two on this already inexpensively priced item, I wish to spend the paltry change that I WOULD have saved shopping elsewhere by driving all over town to find that one magical, mystical price that makes me feel like I’m not a part of a system of consumers who are dead on the inside. You don’t care, do you? It’s not like you OWN Buy Lots, right? You just work here, and get paid to help me. So… help me find this at a lower price and I will not only waste YOUR time by sending you on a chase that will result in no reward to you whatsoever, I will also waste OTHER customers’ valuable time and money by attempting to keep you tied up and unable to help them even though THEY actually wish to patronize your establishment, and NOT just your good nature.”

Or, y’know, maybe he just doesn’t get it. That’s an acceptable excuse, right?




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