By now, I’m sure you’ve all been at the conclusion that something BIG was coming. We’ve been cryptic. We’ve been tight-lipped. We’ve avoided a lot of conversations around “what comes next”. Well, you were right. Today is that day.

For a while now, Jeff and I have been moving the story toward this point- saying goodbye to characters, branching key players off on new adventures, and yes- we even killed off one of them. Many thought that it was an elaborate “gotcha”; some kind of joke- and that we would be bringing everyone back together by retconning story or some other such wizardry. No, my friends, this is no joke. Buy Lots has burned to the ground.

Next week’s Punching the Clock will be the final installment of the current story.

And while I realize that is somewhat ambiguous, I don’t yet really want to fully play my hand. There have been discussions, ideas, and even loose plans about the future of the comic. There is still some housekeeping to do around two unpublished books and a few backer rewards from the Kickstarter. Rest assured, we are not “DONE” done. There is still work to be completed, and more story to tell.

I have been trying to bring myself to get a blog post up laying everything out… but it has been difficult. I guess I will leave today’s post at this: Join us next week- help us wrap the current story, and I will have details ironed out for everyone. There will continue to be content posted on Tuesdays for the forseeable future, so please plan on coming back to check out some of the cool stuff that is still to come.

Until next week-


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