Lots to cover this week! Where to start, where to start? Hmmm… that’s right- HERE:

It’s Thanksgiving week, friends- and you know what that means… Working on the holiday!!! Ok, ok, so there’s the promise of Turkey and stuffing on the horizon as well, but are you actually going to get to enjoy it? I certainly hope so. Today’s strip is laying a bit of groundwork for things to come, so be sure to pay careful attention to what is said. Also, be sure to swing back by after you stuff your face on Thursday and see what the guys are up to as they embark on Buy Lot’s first ever Black Thursday! Two strips this week! Rejoice!

Two strips? How can this be? You may have noticed that today’s art was not provided by the illustrious Jeff Manley (more on that later), but rather by our good friend Travis Bramble, from over at Side Quest Comic. Through his artistic might, Travis will be providing TWO strips this week! To check out more of Travis’ work, and to follow the adventures of Paulie and Jarv over at the awesomely video-game-centric Side Quest, click through the above link and check out the archive.

Travis is the first of many awesomely talented artists who have stepped up to fill in on art duties while Jeff Manley takes a few weeks off to enjoy time with his families’ newest addition: a baby boy! Yesterday, at 8:01 am, Jeff’s wife gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby who came in (or out) at around 19″ long. Congrats to Jeff and family!!!

Worry not, friends- Jeff will be back after the holidays. Until he returns, make sure to swing back by every week to see what our talented fill-in crew has done with Ryan, Jeff and the whole Buy Lots gang!

One last note: This past Friday was the second anniversary of Punching the Clock. In the past year, we have racked up over 27,000 visits to our website, and 89,000 page views! This absolutely blows my mind! That’s significant growth from the first year, and I need to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for checking out our comic, for coming back to see what crazy shenanigans we’re getting into, and for telling your friends about us. It truly means the world to a couple of small-time comic creators to know that so many people are enjoying our work. If you see us out on the convention circuit next year, please stop by and introduce yourself- we love meeting our fans!

Alright. I think I’ve covered enough ground for one week…

Wait. No I haven’t. We still have Thursday’s strip. Until then!


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