Jeff and Ryan get each other. Star Wars jokes, Pokemon references… one can always count on the other to have just the right joke. Since this chapter in the lives of the Buy Lots Crew is coming to a close, I’ve really been spending some time focusing on how Jeff and Ryan’s friendship has not only come full circle, but that they both have grown in many obvious (and hopefully subtle) ways.

Case in point: It feels like Jeff has been more stoic lately, with his ascension to power/responsibility, while Ryan seems to be more carefree. While dangerous to reinvent the wheel with these guys, a little personal growth is a necessary evil and a very true byproduct of a friendship as close as this one is. Where one falters, the other picks up the slack. Jeff and Ryan share a very unique symbiosis- they’ve been through (and will continue to go through) a lot together!

Join us next week as Jeff and Ryan lock up Buy Lots for the last time, and find out just where we go from here!


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