Over 25,000 readers and 200 comics later, we have arrived here. Welcome to the first half of our landmark strip #200! Joy! Celebration! Rapture!

After struggling with his station in life last week, Lester is offered a glimmer of hope with a chance to move forward with the company. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad… I mean, sure- the job stinks now, but if he gets that promotion… well, maybe it would be a little better. WRONG!

Lester knows what’s up. He sees the folly in piloting a sinking ship. And, for the first time in three years, we’re finally seeing the “company man” lose his cool at just how shabby of a future he has been offered. The poor guy has been strung along in an abusive relationship, and now he’s only good enough when they are left with no other options.

What will Lester do? What does life after Buy Lots look like? THAT question will be answered next time, with a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE.

Jeff in charge? This should be fun. I mean, what kind of damage could he do? The store is closing, right? What’s he gonna do- put it out of business?!?

Questions! Answers! More to come  in the coming weeks as we trudge into the holidays!


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