197 strips in, and we have our first official character death! It’s really real, folks- the GM is no more. No retconning, no time travel, no crossover event with an alternate timeline; DEAD IS DEAD.

There are a few things going on here which I absolutely love.

Jeff’s ninja suit is a throwback to the guest strip that our very good friend Leslie Gauthier did waaaay back before the first of the year, Vinnie makes a silent cameo appearance, and wait… what’s that? *SPOILERS* The GM was Michael’s dad all along?!? Whaaaaaa?!?

It’s an idea that has been brewing between Manley and myself since we first brought the character in. At work, they would both be very hush-hush about it- neither wanting to be publicly associated with the other for… obvious… reasons. But now, since his dad is gone and he’s partially to blame, Michael is being very real and honest about their strained relationship… through rhyme… because that’s how he DO.

3 strips to go until the landmark #200! What happens next?!?


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