Netflix is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. EVAR. My kid has recently discovered a profound love for all things Pokemon (he’s six), and we’ve systematically been working our way through all of the Pokemon seasons that Netflix has to offer. The newest additions to the Pokemon lineup on instant streaming sparked the “which is better?” debate in my house, and I felt it a fitting addition to Jeff’s ever-growing list of insane customer issues.

I’ve had the image of Ryan getting hit in the head with a Pokeball stuck in my head for months now. Any of you artsy-type folks out there wanna do a piece of fan art of Jeff as Ash and Ryan as Pikachu? I’ll plaster it all over the internet for all to see!

For those of you keeping score on such things, it has been a while since I’ve updated Kickstarter progress here- so I thought I would take care of a little housekeeping. If you had any reward involving books one or two, pretty much everything has shipped out this week. Be on the lookout. Book three is still in the works (more on that below). Original art, drawn in and guest rewards are shipping with book three.

Speaking of book three, Manley and I have announced that the uber-talented Jay Jacot will be jumping on board to help get book three finished up and in your hands. You may remember Jay from the guest strips he did over the winter months while Jeff was on hiatus. We are excited to have Jay on board as a part of the PTC family!

That’s it for this week- but before we go…

Who’s that Pokemon?!?

Tepig. Because bacon is awesome.


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