Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sometimes, you work on a fun webcomic. Sometimes, you find yourself surrounded by some very talented people, and become friends with them. And then, sometimes- SOMETIMES– one of those super-talented-friendly-types loses a bet and pays his penance by providing some amazing art for the aforementioned webcomic.

This is one of those times.

Today’s wonderful Valentine’s depiction of a crazed Jeff offing Cupid for a box of chocolates sets my nerdy little heart aflutter. I mean, look at him- he’s like a deranged Green Arrow! Many many thanks to the uber-talented Timm Umstead for providing this little slice of awesome for me to share with all of you. Not only is Timm an amazing artist, he looks like a damn Viking warrior, and would crush your skull with his powerful thighs if looked at in the worng manner. That is, unless you’re his friend, which I am certainly glad I am.

Timm is currently working on an upcoming title called Broken Sword. It is still in the early stages, but all of the work I’ve seen so far is absolutely amazing. When it drops, your ocular membranes will melt. It’s that awesome.

In other news, not only is our first print run of Volume 2 on it’s way, it is officially available for purchase on Amazon. If you can’t wait to see us at a show, or can’t find it locally, it can be purchased here.

That’s it for now! Enjoy your chocolates, and your flowers, and your fine dining… and any other activity you may engage in this evening. And as for that bet I won, I’m not disclosing what it was about… but I won.


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