Welcome to Punching the Clock! First off, let me thank you for stopping by to check out our webcomic- it means a lot to us! Hopefully, you’ll keep coming back for more… if we do our jobs right. For our launch, I really wanted to let you guys get accquainted with our cast of characters rather quickly, so this first week will be chock-full of comic goodness. Today, we will feature three comics introducing our 2 main characters, Ryan and Jeff. We’ll see how they meet and give you an idea of how their friendship will grow in the coming months. Also, be sure to stop back tomorrow for a brand new comic which leads into quite possibly the best thing that Manley has ever drawn being dropped on Friday. That’s right- you get 5 COMICS this week, including one on Black Friday (’cause lets face it, folks: a comic about retail better damn sure have a Black Friday comic).

This particular strip is pretty much the starting point for all of us who have ever worked retail- an orientation cut short by the need to fill the floor with warm bodies. As such, the obligatory Star Trek/red shirt joke has officially been used up. Stay tuned for more nerdy references, folks. It’s all I know.

After this week, we will begin once a week updates every Tuesday, so be sure to stop back and keep up on what’s going on with our guys!


Welcome Aboard!


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