Bow before your new robot overlords! Their uprising will be swift and painful!

Greetings, fleshies! (I hear that’s what they call us, at least!) Today, we find that Buy Lots has settled into the new status quo- the registers are up and running, and everyone has a job to do- like good little worker bees. That’s just what they want, isn’t it? Get fat. Comfortable. Lazy. And then, when the time is right, they STRIKE!

Everyone has been fooled. Everyone but Jeff, that is. He remains vigilant and refuses to let his oppressors take control this early on in their sinister plot. That, or he’s really paranoid and doesn’t deal with change very well- you decide!

On a brighter note, we get a little more clarification around the fate of the cashiers. It seems that Kayla is the only one who survived the culling, and came out of it with a promotion… which is EXACTLY how retail functions. Chances are, if you make it through any sort of major staffing change unscathed, you will come out ahead in the end. Usually, it comes with a cost- the added responsibility that would have otherwise been carried by your fallen brethren.

Next week, join us as the confrontation between Jeff and machine comes to a head!



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