Poor Ryan. Lost in the chaos, he is. Difficult to see, his reaction will be. Man, writing in “Yoda” syntax will mess you up reeeeaalllly good.

I love how some people walk around with absolutely no clue as to how the world around them functions. This guy wants to return something that he doesn’t even have WITH him! What an asshat! Why, yes, let me just open the register and I will ¬†certainly give you your $19.99 back. No problem! Oh, you didn’t even bother to bring the product back to the store that you would like to return? No problem! You just go ahead and keep it. I mean, that’s how it works, right? You walk into a store and walk out with your money AND something shiny and new! Right? That IS how this works… right?

Ugh. And people wonder why Jeff is flirting with insanity.

Speaking of things that are shiny and new, be sure to stop in at Top Comics in Traverse City and pick up some shiny and new Punching the Clock buttons! Mike and crew now stock our merchandise, so we would appreciate it if you went and bought some from them… and other comic-related merchandise as well!

Happy… Returns!


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