Close-opens suck. Close-opens suck, especially this far into the holiday season. For those unfamiliar with a close-open, allow me to explain: a close-open occurs when you close the store one night, and then have to be back first thing the next morning to open the place back up again.

They suck. Especially during the holidays… when “close” is 11:00 pm or later, and “open” is 7:00 am or earlier. You easily begin to feel like all you do is hang out at work… and it sucks.

Trust me on this.

My apologies for the delay in today’s strip… Fight Like A Jedi (which was a HUGE success, by the way!) took up so much of my time this past week (and made me very tired afterward) that I got today’s strip to Manley a tad late, causing a bit of delay to get it finished and posted. Hope everyone understands!

It’s so hard to believe next week is Christmas… wonder what the Buy Lots guys (and gals) will be up to…

Until then, I sleep… because, well, sleep.


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