That’s sexual harassment and he doesn’t have to take it.

Manley called me up the other day and pitched this idea for a bonus strip- that in light of the poor repair guy losing an arm, Jeff’s immediate reaction would be to have a t-shirt printed up and wear it to work. Frankly, this is exactly the kind of thing I think Jeff would do, but I only agreed to it if Jeff could make a sexual-harassment-in-the-workplace joke.

So, here we are. Behold the horrible love child that is spawned when Manley and I actively flesh out ideas together. I gotta give the writing credit to Jeff on this one, though. It’s a good joke.

See what happens when you are a loyal follower of our comics? Bonus content- for no other reason than because we thought it was funny. See? We loooooove you. In that way.

‘Til Tuesday,


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