Jeff apparently started with that one pot of coffee, and just kept going. I love being able to do wacky stuff like this with Jeff- the over-reaction is just enough to be believable, but not so over-the-top that it is beyond reason. Let me just say this: Re-orgs are no joke. No matter how you react in the situation- be it calm and casual, actively seeking other employment, or running around like a crazy person- it will undoubtedly end up affecting everyone you work with in some way.

So, this week’s strip is just a little late. My apologies on that one- the trek to Cincy Comicon and back this past weekend wiped me out, and I fell behind on this week’s script. The show was an absolute blast, though- it was great to see many old friends, get caught up with the folks we met last year, and make new friends along the way. Tony, Kara, Kendall, and Bill deserve to be applauded for building a fun and comics-centric show. Thanks to all of you who stopped out, said hi, and picked up books! It was great to meet all of you!

I don’t believe that Jeff or myself have any other show appearances scheduled for this year, but we both have other projects in the works if you are interested in checking those out!

Jeff is currently writing and drawing The Team, which he describes as “Fantastic Four meets Star Wars“. He has a TON of strips posted up over at Two-For-One Comics, so be sure to block out a large chunk of time to get caught up!

I recently had the opportunity to write a short story in a crime anthology entitled Unlawful Good, alongside nearly 40 additional indie comic creators. The book is complete, and BEAUTIFUL, and can be picked up through the current Kickstarter being run by the publisher, Dude, What? Comics. If you like my work, or that of past PTC guest artists Bruce Gerlach, Jay Jacot, Leslie Gauthier or Travis Bramble- pick up the book, ’cause we’re all in it!

That’s it for now! Until next Tuesday!


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