We’ve all done it. Don’t lie. Sometimes, you get so frustrated and disillusioned, that you realize your attitude may be part of the problem.

It may very well be.

Through therapy, and lots of positive affirmation, you try to alter your mindset. Try to be a better human being. Oh, you TRY… and you FAIL.

You fail HARD.

I’m here to tell you, friends- that’s okay. Keep fighting the good fight. It’s not your fault that people are dumb. Continue to try and rise above it. You’ll stumble from time to time- you’re human. It happens. Try better tomorrow.

Just make sure the body count looks like an “accident.”

Kudos to Manley for NAILING the last panel. It worked exactly how I wanted; being able to visually “feel” Jeff’s agony. He’s so good at conveying character moods and emotion. Everyone tell Jeff Manley that he’s awesome.

Positive Affirmation, remember?


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