The GM is working long hours, is buried in paperwork and is not sleeping. Mix a little “pick-me-up” in a can and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Obviously, the boss man is being worked ragged- forced to immerse himself in the most mundane of details in a desperate attempt to look good for the ongoing corporate evaluation.

It’s an unspoken rule at many retailers to quietly dedicate every free hour of your day to try and improve the business. You’re married to it, after all. But hey, we care about your work-life balance. You only clocked 50 of those hours… you had plenty of time away from the store, right? Right?!? He’ll just keep telling himself that it will get better. Just get through this one evaluation… THEN it will be better…

An abusive relationship if I ever saw one.

Speaking of abusive relationships, I’ve been wanting to use this Apple “Wave” hoax since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. Apparently, some people actually thought you could charge your phone my microwaving it after a fake add indicating such appeared on the interwebs.

Ah, the internet… we believe everything you tell us.



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