What’s in the boooooox?!?

Tell me what’s in the box!!!

Several large, non-descript packages have shown up the the backroom at Buy Lots… but whatever could be in them? The only one that knows for sure is the GM, and he’s not telling anyone. Honestly, even if he weren’t bound by the legal stranglehold that is the non-disclosure agreement, I’m not sure he would give up the info anyway.

Ryan seems to think that he knows what the boxes are tied to, but lacks enough solid info to be sure. So now, we wait. What could they be? Are they tied to the “big changes” the boss eluded to during the “cake is a lie” arc? How will this impact our plucky heroes? Why a non-diclosure clause? What theft? Why are we just now hearing about it (or haven’t we)? Why do my socks never match? Why? WHY?!?

Tune in next week, same Jeff Time… same Ryan Channel.


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