Rob Humphrey

Rob Humphrey is a comic writer currently residing Traverse City, Michigan. He has been involved in many aspects of the comic book industry from collecting and reading comics to running a comic shop and coordinating exhibitors and events for Cherry Capital Con. He likes to talk. A lot. In fact, you’ll find that his comics are overly-verbose and tend to put many people to sleep. You, in fact, are probably asleep already. In addition to Punching the Clock, he is writing an original graphic novel entitled Comatose, which is slated for completion in 2012. Punching the Clock is a personal account of Rob’s adventures throughout his lengthy career in retail- most every story, side comment and snarky remark has happened to him or at least to someone he has worked with. He hopes that you enjoy his work… if you can stay awake.

Jeff Manley

Jeffery J. Manley has been a cartoonist as long as he can remember. Longer than most of you have been cartoonists. Yet, he feels no entitlement to the crown of King Kartoonist. Jeff is best known for being, “The most popular unpopular person at Cherry Capital Con 2011″. That is a common theme in Mr. Manley’s life. He could always entertain with his whimsical drawings only to drive away any true friendship with his wicked personality. Jeff Manley explains this best in an interview with Don’t Exist Magazine, “People don’t like to be told the truth. ‘Hey, you stink old lady!’ or ‘What do you mean good, I am the greatest cartoonist of all time, and if you don’t agree with me in 10 seconds I will cram my 450 page graphic novel down the hole where your head used to be attached to the rest of your fat, ugly body! 1… 2… 3…’”. Jeff has been producing comics for a variety of publications, such as his High School Newspaper, his College Newspaper and even Political comics for the Manistee News Advocate. Even with all of his success in publishing, Jeff didn’t get any real satisfaction until he discovered the underground comic scene of the Tri-state area (MI-OH-IN). There he created such masterworks as Choose Your Own Adventure Asian Porn (not actual porn) and Stories of Kiwi. Only later realizing that his life was the most interesting subject… leading to the creation of Manley Days, a daily journal comic about his new wife and ever growing family. Five years later he would retire the strip to work on his other great passion,Paranormal Activity. And then there was Gone. A wild All Ages romp! Has Manley rested on his laurels? Does he know what a laurel is? No!… and NO! Jeff is hard at work in his small Elk Rapids, MI studio creating more graphic novels and webcomics than a stick shaking mentally challenged stick shaker could shake a stick at.
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