Welcome to the Buy Lots, home of Punching the Clock- a weekly series based on the adventures of our very own employees in the wonderful world of retail sales! The Buy Lots brand spans over 1500 stores in the US alone- and hundreds more all around the world! During your employment here, you may have questions about the company, a specific policy, or even what to do when unexpected “customer situations” arise. Fear not! Feel free to use this site as a resource for all of your needs. Check your punches, view employee files and use your employee discount all by linking through the provided tabs. You may also check your archived punches via the “Availability” link. For your convenience, this site will be updated on a weekly basis, with new content every Tuesday.If you have questions beyond what is found here, be sure to submit a request via the “Contact HR” link- a representative will work diligently to resolve any issue you may have, but will more than likely ignore your request at their earliest convenience.Once again, Welcome aboard! We’re obsessed with delivering the high quality Buy Lots experience to our customers AND employees, and now you are a part of that experience! We know you’ll do just fine, because you really have no choice. We own you now.

Jeff is a Buy Lots veteran, clocking in nearly a decade with the company! He has worked in retail for a number of years beyond his Buy Lots experience, giving him a wealth of knowledge on policy, procedure and way the business “works”. He also has the uncanny knack to deal with difficult customers with humor, oftentimes charming disgruntled people into seeing things from his point of view, usually to his managers’ chagrin. He is a resource for all things Buy Lots, but is also a cynic and a free-thinker, as well as the store’s resident authority on all things pop culture and nerdy. He feels that he is meant for better things, but struggles often on how to actually get there.




Ryan is the newest addition to the Buy Lots family. An out of work software engineer, Ryan has joined up with Buy Lots as a “temporary” job until he “gets back on his feet”. Ryan becomes fast friends with Jeff by connecting with his love of comic books, movies, video games and other such nerdy fare. He is a loyal and trustworthy friend, and a hard-working employee. He buys into the company experience just enough to be loved by management, but not so much that he alienates his friends. He spends most of his time at work trying to keep Jeff from crossing the line without shutting him down completely.

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